Pak Urdu installer Free Download for All Windows Latest Version

Hey friends, Today with the help of this article. We download fully latest version of Pak Urdu Installer for all types of windows. If you wan’t to write some Urdu language in your computer you need to install this software in your computer.

Pak Urdu Installer performs all steps of installation automatically without windows CD i.e. activates Urdu language support. Installs Urdu keyboard layout and installs necessary Urdu Fonts. After installing Pak Urdu Installer, your computer will support complete Urdu then you can easily read and write Urdu at any place in you pc.

How to Install Pak Urdu Installer

Pak Urdu Installer 1
Pak Urdu Installer 1
  1. Go to download files where save Pak Urdu Installer application.
  2. Double click on Application then click on next and install button.
  3. After Installation is complete. Go to Control Panel >Change Keyboard and other input methods.

4. In other window select Keyboard and Language and then click on Change Keyboard Button.

Control Pannel
Control Pannel

5. In the General tab select Urdu in the drop down menu.

select lanUrdu guage in pc
select lanUrdu guage in pc

You’r all done. Now you can Write and Read Urdu language any place in your pc.

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Final Words

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