Top 15 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs Details 2019

Hey dear friends, hope all good. First of all, thanks a lot for your support. My blog is Going Super Good. My Blogging becoming popular day by day. So today we talk about Top and Most Popular Pakistani Bloggers and Their Blogs.

Many Popular and Professionals Pakistani Bloggers making thousands dollars from blogging. Most importantly  blogging is becoming a profession for them. Now Even Small seven year old can make a blog easily.

But if you in past you have to learn HTML PHP etc for making a blog. But now you can easily sign up give title and description and start your blogging journey easily.

In this post, I am going to mention some Top and Most Popular Pakistani Bloggers. Who living with blogging and blogging is a profession for them. Who spend days and night for making tutorials and courses for. This list is created by using Blog Rank, Social Traffic and other research.

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers
Most popular Pakistani Bloggers 2019

For example if the seven year old can make a blog easily then why we can’t? So if you want to start a blog and earn money online. You need a perfect guide to how to start a blog and grow it on Google first page.

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So without wasting any time let’s get start.

Syed Balkhi from

Syed Balkhi from Wpbeginner
Syed Balkhi

If you are a WordPress lover then I ‘ll guarantee that you know Syed Balkhi. Many of us don’t know that he is a Pakistani? But yes he is a Pakistani blogger but migrated to America. He is the founder of Most popular Site Name

Wpbeginner is a great website for WordPress tutorials. Syed Balkhi birthplace is in Karachi Pakistan. Also a founder of many great plugins like OptinMonster etc. Also a founder of another popular site list25. He is verified by Facebook also.

Blog Details

Site Namewpbeginner
Owner Name Syed Balkhi
Rank #3,123
Bounce Rate77.9%
Daily Time1:56 m

Top Keywords

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WordPress Plugin
WordPress Hosting

Amir Atta from

Amir Atta from
Amir Atta

In the list of Top Popular Pakistani Bloggers Amir Atta at number 2. Who don’t know about Propakistani? A best of best blog from Pakistan regarding Tech and IT industry. They have also started covering more news related to IT, innovation and somewhat Pakistani based popular news.

Amir Atta is a well-known person and blogger for Pakistani bloggers, because his blog “” is a pure Pakistani telecommunication blog.

His blog provides resources, tutorials, news on IT happenings in Pakistan. He is earning money with his blog by displaying Google Adsense ads and direct ads. His blog is a popular technology blog in Pakistan and has been nominated many times for different awards. He got #2 position in this list. 

Blog Details

Site NamePropakistani
Owner Name Amir Atta
Rank #8,101
Bounce Rate56.4%
Daily Time2:44 m

Top Keywords

PSL Live Streaming
Jazz Internet Packages
Google AdSense

Fatima Wahab from

Fatima Wahab from
Fatima Wahab

Sister Fatima Wahab is a Female Popular Pakistani Bloggers. But when they come, they make sure that you feel their presence.

Fatima has a great blog where she mostly talks about Tips and Tricks related to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs and Android.

Blog Details

Site Name Addictivetips
Owner Name Fatima Wahab
Rank #13,349
Bounce Rate82.3%
Daily Time1:44 m

Top Keywords

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Home depot
Google USA
how to use dynamic lock in windows 10
real debrid

Taimur Asad from

Taimur Asad from
Taimur Asad

Redmondpie is a Google News site. Taimur Asad is a founder of Redmondpie blog. He has the degree of bachelor of software engineering BS-SE. Therefore this blog is mainly covering the latest reviews and news about Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Visitors of Redmondpie find the amazing stuff about gadgets. Redmondpie is considered as the best site for those, who love the gadgets

Blog Details

Site NameRedmondpie
Owner NameTaimur Asad
Bounce Rate67.8%
Daily Time1:53 m

Top Keywords

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ios jailbreak
windows 10 pro download
apple earpods

M. Mustafa from

Muhammad Mustafa from
Muhammad Mustafa

The full name of M. Mustafa is Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai. Mustafa Ahmadzai Start his blogging journey at the end of 2008 as part-time but later he becomes a full-time blogger. And now he is on the list of Popular Pakistani Bloggers.

He currently lives in Karachi, Pakistan. M. Mustafa is the author of 3 successful blogs SmartEarningMethods, Mybloggertricks  and RichIncomeWays.

Muhammad Mustafa is the only blogger from Pakistan who registered his blogging company name ( STC Network ). He creates many widgets and templates for newbies.

Blog Details

Site NameMybloggertricks
Owner NameM. Mustafa
Bounce Rate58.7%
Daily Time2:23 m

Top Keywords

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blogger meta tag generator
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Amaar Ali from

Amaar Ali from all
Popular Pakistani Bloggers
Amaar Ali

He is Ammar Ali Founder of ( This guy is no doubt a genius. He is now 21 but I can’t stop myself to add him in this post. His success is good to point for all of them who says that blogging is waste of time.

He proves that if you do blogging with Good strategy then no one can stop you to get success. He Becomes very famous in a very short time.  And Pakistan is proud of him with is hard work.

Blog Details

Site NameAmaar Ali
Owner NameAllbloggingtips
Bounce Rate62.6%
Daily Time2:06 m
Links 395

Top Keywords

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digitalocean alternative
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namecheap hosting

Abdul Wali from

Abdul Wali from
Abdul Wali

Grate Abdul Wali is my online teacher and my first helper on my blogging journey. I learn SEO Training Course from Abdul Wali YouTube Channel.

He Was born 6th may 1988 in (FATA) Federally Administrated Areas of Pakistan. He start his blogging journey in 2010. He is the founder of

I ‘ll guarantee that whenever you search for Urdu tutorials For blogging onlineustaad is there to help. I am a regular reader of

Blog Details

Site NameOnlineustaad
Owner Name Abdul Wali
Bounce Rate41.2%
Daily Time3:13 m

Top Keywords

online ustaad
payoneer in Pakistan
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paypal Pakistan

Bilal Ahmad from

Bilal Ahmad from
Bilal Ahmad

Muhammad Bilal Ahmad is the founder of a Techmaish blog. He has done MBA in banking and finance, he started his blog as a part-time job when was doing his MBA. This guy is the true inspiration for all of us he showed us that, despite not being from the technical background you can start a blogging and learn many things.

His blog provides the tutorial regarding WordPress, SEO, social media, gadgets, etc. When initially this young man started his journey of blogging, so he faced some issues regarding managing the website because he wasn’t from a technical background.

But he didn’t give up and showed the youngster in Pakistan that you can do anything. He really motivated many people, I personally like him very much due to his immense hard.

Blog Details

Site NameTechmaish
Owner NameBilal Ahmad
Bounce Rate78.9%
Daily Time1:34 m
Links 231

Top Keywords

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advantages and disadvantages of social media
watch tv online free streaming
ymail vs gmail
trial reset

M. Tanveer from

Muhammad Tanveer from
Popular Pakistani Bloggers
Muhammad Tanveer

Muhammad Tanveer Nandla Is known as Dr web from Multan Pakistan. He is very famous among Pakistani and specially Multani Bloggers community. He is the founder of one of the popular and growing website

Muhammad Tanveer Nandla Is also mention by many top sites. like (ILM ki Dunya) (pro-Pakistani).

Blog Details

Site NameDarsaal
Owner NameM.Tanveer
Bounce Rate57.7%
Daily Time2:38 m

Top Keywords

irshad bhatti columns
2338 usd to pkr
shabba khair meaning
आख़िर उस के हुस्न की मुश्किल को हल मैं ने किया

Sharjeel tahir from

Sharjeel Tahir from
Sharjeel Tahir

He is a famous young energetic blogger. I have met him many times and found him professional and optimistic about his goals. I wish him best of luck in his ventures though.

Blog Details

Site Name Sharjeeltahir
Owner Name Sharjeel Tahir
Rank No Data
Bounce Rate65.7%
Daily TimeNo Data

Top Keywords

best pakistani bloggers
friend remover pro
event blogging
best pakisani bloggers
top 10 bloggers of pakistan

Hassam Ahmad Awan From

Hassam Ahmad Awan From
Hassam Ahmad

This smiling young man is called Hassam Ahmad Awan. Who lives in Islamabad, Pakistan and blogging for last couple of years. He has a successful blog ““.

He is earning money with his blog by using Google Adsense and BuySellAds. His blog has a Good reputation and ranking world wide as well as in Pakistan.

His blog mostly focuses on Blogging related tutorials such as WordPress, Blogger Widgets, Making Money Online and Search Engine Optimization.

Blog Details

Site NameBloggingEhow
Owner NameHassam Ahmad
Bounce Rate79.8%
Daily Time1:41 m

Top Keywords

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bluehost affiliate
blogginghow hassam ahmed

Syed Faizan Ali From

Syed Faizan Ali From
Popular Pakistani Bloggers
Syed Faizan

He is 21 years old according to his blog. Syed Faizan Ali is the founder of and

That is to say He started Blogging when he was just 16 years old. If you are in blogger I hope you visit his blogs for tutorials and templates.

He has been in this field for around five years now and still calls himself a beginner. He also loves gaming and sport.

Blog Details

Site NameMybloggerlab
Owner Nameyed Faizan
Bounce Rate71.6%
Daily Time1:43 m

Top Keywords

contempo blogger theme
blogger language code
custom ads.txt
contempo template blogger
how to use php in blogger

Ali Raza From

Ali Raza From
Ali Raza

This is Ali Raza. Ali Raza is Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Blogging.

He currently Lives in  Lahore, Pakistan. He is the founder of site

You can find many great Internet Marketing Guides guides on his blog.

Blog Details

Site NameAliraza
Owner NameAli Raza
Bounce Rate64.8%
Daily Time1:57 m

Top Keywords

make money online
earn money online
event blogging
how to make money online
how to make money online for beginners

Muhammad Ismail from

Muhammad Ismail from
Muhammad Ismail

This is Muhammad Ismail from Peshawar, Pakistan and knows as the one of a top blogger from Pakistan.

He is best in amazon affiliate and helping many others to become successful in Amazon through his course. You should Join His course.

I know him for years and he is the best.

Blog Details

Site NameIsmailblogger
Owner NameMuhammad Ismail
Rank #389,324
Bounce Rate32.2%
Daily Time5:23 m

Top Keywords

ismail blogger
timeroid techniques
timeroid technique

Mohsin Ali Waheed of

Mohsin Ali Waheed of
Popular Pakistani Bloggers
Mohsin Ali

The grate Mohsin Ali Waheed is one of the talented bloggers of Pakistan,  He’s successfully running a website called which is providing valuable information related to IT & tips.

Blog Details

Site NameAskmohsin
Owner NameMohsin Ali
Bounce Rate60.7%
Daily TimeNo Data

Top Keywords

ask mohsin
make money with mohsin
pakistani youtube channels
fake sony led tv in india

I’m a Popular Pakistani Bloggers, But my name is not listed?

Above all list covers only the top and professional bloggers in Pakistan. Most importantly If your blog gets decent traffic and you are trying to be an authority in your niche, do drop me a comment with your blog name.

What do you think?

We respect all hard working and young bloggers from Pakistan, bloggers who didn’t take place in this list, we’ll wish them a happy blogging journey ahead, and probably many young bloggers will take place in our upcoming list of “Top 20 Young Pakistani Bloggers”.

So Kindly share your views about this great Pakistani people who represent a Peaceful, Beautiful and talented face of their country Pakistan. I’d say they are the greatest people in the country.

Final Words:

If I miss a popular blogger I am really sorry about that because in my eyes these are professional and experts. Do Comment if you want me to add more to this awesome list of Popular Pakistani Bloggers.

Allah Hafiz

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