How to Setup VPN in Android Mobile Without Any App

How to Setup VPN in Android Mobile free without any application. Learn how to Connect VPN from android settings without any third party app.

Hi, In this article I’ll tell you that How to Setup VPN in android phone. Here i accept that you have already familiar with VPN. So here I am discussing briefly about VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a system in which computing devices can reroute internet traffic through a server or computer located anywhere in the world.

The main reason for doing this is security. When a company or user can reroute its traffic and hide it from local networks, it becomes harder for intruders to snoop through any files or delicate information.

Setup VPN in Android Mobile Without Any App

There are One methods available to setup VPN Client in android without any app. This way may be complicated due to a different feature of the different phone that means every phone doesn’t contain the same setting.

But it can be used to Setup VPN in android without downloading any app. This is more useful for old phone users because due to limited memory space they can’t install any VPN app for every task.

Setup VPN without Any App

Step 1: First of all, You need to visit VPNGate website to obtain required profile DNS & Host Name.

Screenshot from vpngate
Screenshot from

Step 2: Now you have to copy DDNS Host Name(Server Name) as your required country. which looks like

Step 3: Go to Your Phone Setting and Find out VPN and enter in VPN setting.

Setups to find VPN setting Option in Android Mobile
Setups to find VPN setting Option

Step 3: Click on Add VPN and Fill Information as given below.

Now your setup completed. you can use VPN by simply click on profile.

Note: Username & Password enter vpn (Small Letter) in Both fields.

Here I give full information about How to Setup VPN in android But still you have any query related this article then you can ask in comment box. I will try to resolve you query. Thanks for visiting my Blog. If you need more article updates in your Email Box please Sign-Up using the form given below.

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