Top Secret Event Blogging Ideas You Should Follow In 2020

Event Blogging is trending nowadays and many bloggers doing this. Because event blogging is one of the easy and fast way to make money online on short spam of time.

Event Blogging now becomes the most popular and there are many bloggers who work in event blogging. Maybe you also planning to create event blog. Because event blogging can actually generate a high quality income within a two or three days.

In this post i am going to tell you some of the best event blogging ideas which will help you to get some success in event blogging.

The content that’s featured on these blogs is meant to cover the essentials of the event, so it answers questions such as:

  • What Is Event Blogging?
  • Find Event To Target.
  • Start Work On Your Event
  • Buy Good Hosting.
  • Use Good And Attractive Images
  • Keyword Research.
  • Search Deals
  • Google Adsense
  • Keep Blog Updated.
  • Backlinks.
  • Share

What Is Event Blogging?

Event blogging means micro niche blogging, where bloggers write on a specific topic.

Event based niche blogs are the blogs are mostly focusing on an upcoming event, festival or special day. This blogging guide is all about taking the advantage of receiving the huge amount of traffic on target event in short span of time. It is not a Long-term blog you just have to work only for 30 to 40 days.

Making a blog on a special day like happy new year,Eid,Diwali, Concerts, etc is called event blogging.

Hamza Gulzar

Find or Choose an Event To Target

The very first thing you need to find good event to target and want to work on that event.

There are a lot of events got popular searches you just pick one event and create a blog on this event. Here I have listed some most popular events that you can start your event blog. Also according to your interest, you can choose one of the below events.

Most Popular Events

Serial No.Event Name.
3New Year
4 Independence Day
5 Christmas event

Most Popular Sports Events

Serial No.Event Name.
1IPL(Indian Premier League)
2PSL(Pakistan Super League)
3BigBoss League
5FIFA World Cup
6 Barclays Premier League
7 World Cup (year)
8 Wrestle mania

Most Popular New Launches Events

Serial No.Event Name.
1 Reliance Jio
2 Freedom 251
3 Champ One C1
4 Demonetization
5 Big Billion Day Sale
6 Deals of the Days

Just Keep In Mind:

  • Event is big enough with good searches.
  • Not So High in Competition.
  • You can rank otherwise you are wasting your time because many big professionals already working on that event.

Start Work On Your Blog Before Two Or Three Months

Its good to start work on your before two to three months so you have much time to work hard and you can rank that blog in first page of Google.

Many bloggers do this mistake that they start work on blog before 5 or 10 days before event day. Well yes you can rank in these days if you know what you are doing and you know killer tactics to rank your blog otherwise you cannot rank and cannot attract traffic to your event blog.

So make a plan to work hard and strict to it.

Buy Good Hosting For Your Event Blogging

The beauty of event blogging is that you are going to millions of traffic in short time if your blog start ranking because many peoples search event.

What happen if your site go down because of cheap and bad hosting? So it is must to search good hosting which can handle your traffic and visitors so your site will not go down.

With bad hosting your blog ll go down many times and this ll affect your blog traffic and rankings.

Some Of The Good Hostings You Can Check:

Bluehost Hosting

Use Good And Attractive Images

For good site a good and attractive images must. Good and attractive images make good impact on your readers and make readers and visitors stay more on your blog means low bounces rate, and low bounces rate help your blog to rank first in google.

So for images many new bloggers copy and download images from google which is not write because that images already ranked and not give you good traffic from google images search.

To get good royalty free images i recommend you to check Canva of Shutterstock.

Keyword Research Is Must

Keyword Research is an important part of a successful event blogging. Because properly keyword research will do your half work. Keywords are the main words which are searched in google result.

To get good ranking and traffic you have to target good keywords.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for find keyword for your selected event. Make a proper notepad list of keywords which are top searched in google and which have less competition. This is simple and effective tips to rank on google first page.

Search Deals To Promote Event Blogging

Now you need to find Deals to find for your event blogs. Chances are high that you will make some sales from your event blog if products are related and good for your visitors.

Many companies offer good deals on events so you just need to search some become there affiliate partner and monetize your blog or your blog posts with your affiliate links. You can use banners and text links in posts.

Make Money With Event Blogging

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog and make huge income. Google Adsense and Affiliate are one of the best ways to monetize event blog. You can also monetize your event blog in many ways.

  • Google Adsense (Recommended)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika Ad Network
  • CPA and CPI
  • Net
  • Promote your own product and so on!!!

Note: I have already write post on “Earn with Blog“. It’s all on how to make money from blogging. You can read article to get more knowledge.

Keep Your Blog Updated

You have to keep your blog and blog posts updated with new content. It’s help to increase your traffic from search engines. Also this is good for SEO and google give more priority and rank to those blogs which provide good and updated posts to users.

Also use updated date instead of publish date in your post info like i am using in this blog post. See in top you will see last updated in.

So your readers will know that this post is updated and providing authantic infomartion. For this thing you need to hire some developer because you have to make some changes in your theme code.

Make Backlinks

Backlinks means link to your blog & other sites. There are two types of Baclinks, Internal links and External links.

Internal links: These links also known as inbound links, are hyperlinks that directs the reader to the target page on your website.

External links: These links also known as outbound links, are hyperlinks that directs the reader to the target page or website on all over the internet.

The Backlinks are also one of the most important thing to rank your blogs in search engines. Its good to have some links from other blogs and forums those are well ranked.

Well its hard to make good backlinks so i recomended you to hire someone to build backlinks for your blog.

You can check Fiverr or Linksmanagment for this task.

But you have to be carefull because many sellers provide fake backlinks which can harm your blog rankings. So first do proper research and read other reviews and then buy it.

Share Everywhere

Share your event everywhere as much as possible like social media sites, social media groups ,pages and this can help you to get some social signals and more traffic to your blog.

Final Words

So we hope you like this guide to Secret Event Blogging Ideas. These event blogging guide will definitely help you to choose the best event and grow it on first page of Google. If you still need help or any doubts about event blogging guide then you can comment below. I will help you and solve your query. If you find this post helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

Good Luck!

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