How to Use 4G Only Network Mode Working on All Mobiles

Here’s the Top Three methods to Use 4G Only Network Mode in Samsung, Huawai, Vivo, Oppo, Realme in short this trick working on all devices.

This guide would come in handy for villages and remote areas with fluctuating 4G network signal coverage. I covered as much as Three (4) best methods for settings 4G/LTE Only Network mode on Android devices to serve the many brands in today’s mobile tech market.

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In this article I’ll share Three(3) methods to use 4G only.

  1. Mobile Settings to use 4G only network.
  2. Secret 4G Only Network Mode Mobile App.
  3. Secret Android Code for 4G only mode.

Mobile Settings to Use 4G Only Network.

  1. Go to Mobile Settings.
  2. Open Network or Connections.
  3. Dual sim or Mobile Cellular (Mobile Networks).
  4. Network Mode or Preferred Network Type.
  5. Select 4G Only or LTE Only.

Secret 4G Only Network Mode Mobile App.

  1. Download the App from Google Play Store.
  2. After Successfully install Open the app in your Mobile.
  3. Click on Secret Setting Button on the bottom of the app.
  4. Now find Network Preferred Type.
  5. Mark on 4G Only and click on Update.

Secret Android Code for 4G Only Mode.

  1. Open your mobile dial pad.
  2. Type “*#*#4636#*#*”
  3. Now a Secret setting (Testing) was open.
  4. Click on first option (Phone Information).
  5. Find Network Preferred Type.
  6. Select the drap down menu.
  7. Find 4G Only or LTE Only.
  8. Mark your choice and click on update button.

That’t it now your mobile phone start to use only 4G Network. If you lose your single your mobile dos’t convert your network 4G to 3G.

I hope these Three simple and easy make some help for your. If really, then please share with your friends and also subscribe my blog to get all new articles in your Email Box.

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