Remove Yellow AdSense Background Without any Plugin

Hey Guyz Welcome back to my Blog. In this article I’ll show you how to remove Yellow AdSense Background from your AdSsense code without any third party plugin. So I hope you like this article. If you really like this article and need more articles like this one please subscribe to my blog.

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Why Adsense shows yellow boxes instead of real ads ?

Google Adsense is one of the key monetizing platform used by the Website or Blog publishers which is authorized by Google. Advertisements will be placed on a website and based on the number of user clicks on a specific Ad block, Google will pay certain amount to the website or blogger owner.

There are two main issues! why AdSense show yellow box instead of real ads.

  1. Yellow Box Before the Site Approved.
  2. Yellow Box After the Site Approved.

1. Yellow Box Before the Site Approved

Sometimes Adsense takes a bit longer to approve an account to display ads on a website. While you are taken in and allowed to place ads on your site, they are still monitoring the site for compliance with their policies. If you site under review for AdSense, Therefore your AdSense show Yellow box instead the real ads.

Solution: When your site approved to show ads, Yellow Box are removed from your site and show only real ads.

2. Yellow Box After the Site Approved

If you site is approved to show ads, But yellow box still alive. Then this paragraph is very helpful for your site. Some themes or Templates is not responsive. Therefore if you select an responsive ad unit, Then your AdSense show responsive ads on your site. Now if you have low space or Big space to show ads, then the yellow box’s are appear on free space.

Solution: Always use responsive layout, OR Select the add size when you create add unit in AdSense account.

AdSense Yellow Box in WordPress

If you’re experiencing the same problem on your WordPress website, simply follow the steps below:

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to Remove Yellow AdSense Background from WordPress Website.

  1. Admin Panel

    Simply Login into your WordPress account, After that goto Admin Panel.

  2. Appearance > Customize

    Navigate to Appearance tab and click on Customize.Wordpress Admin Pannel

  3. Additional CSS

    Aditional CSS screenshot

  4. Write Code

    Remove Yellow AdSense Background code

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }

That’s all!

If you’re not running WordPress, then add the rule above to your style.css file. It should fix the problem 🙂

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