How to Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card For Free [EXTRA]

This article is all about how to get PUBG Mobile ID rename card for free. If you waste your first rename ID card, then this article is very helpful for. Because in this article I’ll tell the secret to get a Free ID rename card in PUBG Mobile game.

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In order to change your name in PUBG Mobile you need an ID card or Rename Card. Earlier for a free account you used to get two ID cards, now they only give one ID card per account. But there are other ways using which you can get an ID Rename card in PUBG mobile for Free.

Read this article carefully till the end. After reading this article you are able to collect ID Card. If you face any issue please feel free to comment down on this post. I’ll reply your comment as soon as possible.

Get PUBG Mobile Rename Card For Free

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these steps to Get a PUBG ID Rename Card.

  1. Missions

    First tap to the Mission button the bottom of home page.

  2. Progressive Mission

    Now select 2nd option. It called progressive mission.

  3. Mission 10

    Go back and find mission 10.

  4. Complete Mission 10

    You need to done this task to complete your Mission 10.

How to Complete Mission 10 in PUBG Mobile?

They all are simple mission you can easily complete them. Follow these steps to complete Mission 10 in PUBG Mobile.

  1. To complete mission 9 (enter a chat room), Go to chat section by clicking the chat button.
  2. Once you are in the chat section, scroll down from the left side until you find this home like button.
  3. Tap the home button, here you will find an option to create a chat room or enter the chat room.
  4. Now creating a chat room is little complex, you can simply join an existing reddit chat room.
  5. Just type this ID: 1039506 in the text box and tap on Enter.
  6. Once you enter the chat room just send any message and mission 10 will be completed.
  7. Now again go the the progressive mission section and collect your ID card.

Final Words

So guyz this is how to get free Rename ID card in PUBG Mobile. So I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any issue related to this post please feel free to comment down. If you need more news updates from my blog fill the form below to get every post in your Inbox.

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